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You may forget everything you were told about fascism as a child. Fascists are little kids in comparison with Russians. By the number of war crimes, the Russian army has long surpassed all armies in the world combined.

The Russian army is the scariest army in the world. This is not propaganda and not exaggeration. If you do not believe me, look at the world map. Do you really think that more than 100 nations voluntarily joined Russia?

If you believe this it is very bad. Because the truth is that only a wild and ruthless horde can win such a territory. Russia conquered this territory committing terrible war crimes and genocide against people.

During the war in the Caucasus, they murdered a million Circassians. Murdered a whole nation. Even Hitler could not do this, the man who they declared a terrible monster to hide their own terrible war crimes. When the Circassians capitulated, they were offered to be moved to live in Turkey. They believed the Russians and agreed. No one arrived at Turkey.

They were taken out in the sea and drowned.

The astonishing thing is that Circassians were murdered to help Georgians. Now they murder Georgians to help Ossetians. Russians always kill someone.

What is the strength of the Russian army? It is because it has no mercy, neither to enemy nor to itself. For Russians life is worth nothing. That’s why no one wants to fight them. Even the Chinese. Only crazy people like Hitler or brave like Chechens could fight with Russians.

Do not believe lies that Russian never fought Ukrainians. They did and many times. Everyone remembers the massacre organised by Peter the Great. However, we will not go so far into history. The last war was in 1918, when more than a million of Red Army soldiers entered Ukraine. They staged a terrible massacre here and established the Soviet power at cost of huge bloodshed. Then that very Soviet government arranged even more terrible Holodomor.

Now the same horde comes here to build another bright future, titled “Russian world”. For this future they are willing to kill as many Ukrainians as it takes.

They already kill Ukrainians only for carrying their flag or speaking Ukrainian. In Kharkov two people were stabbed because of the Ukrainian flag, three in Donetsk. And it was before the war. When there will be a serious war, the bill will go to tens of thousands of dead. Just for saying a Ukrainian word you will be beaten to death. They are nonhumans.

You should not think that if you are Russian or half Russian and speak Russian, it will save you. There were many Russians in Grosniy and it did not save them from bombs and grenades, which were thrown by Russian Ivans into basements where Russian and Chechen women and children were hiding.

Russians do not know the art of war, they do not learn it, they prefer drinking. That is why they fights with terrible loses amongst their own forces and civilian population. Zhukov, who used to send them with the spade handles instead of rifles and bricks instead of grenades against German machine guns is still considered to be a brilliant strategist.

Russian officers sell the bodies of civilians and soldiers of the enemy to their relatives. One can’t get the body of their loved ones for burial for free. For Russian officers sale of bodies is their business. It was the case in Chechnya and in Georgia.

If you think that protests of mothers of killed soldiers can stop the massacre you are mistaken. They won’t. Life of a soldier means nothing to the Russian government. You don’t believe it? Remember Nord-Ost and Beslan. They have no pity even for children. A soldier who came back after a war is considered some sort of miracle in Russia. Those, who served in Soviet Army remember, that officers were saying to soldiers, without any embarrassment, how many minutes they will live after beginning of a war.

If you have daughters older than 13 year, it is better to evacuate them from the occupation zone. Russian soldiers are rapists. They rape women and children being drank and usually as a gang, then kill or intimidate. You won’t get justice. You can find out more details about braved deeds of the “Russian hero” Budanov. Chechens killed him for rape and murder of Chechen girls. Russian politicians declared him a hero. Just take the girl out and hide them wherever you can.

There were hundreds of such Budanovs in Chechnya. He simply became a symbol of rape and murder of Chechen girls.

When we were children we were told about fascists who burnt whole villages for collaborating with partisans. Russian army does the same. If there will be militia in your village there will be “cleansing”, during which all will be killed, including pregnant women and babies.

If you are interested how Russian army does “cleansing”, watch a film on YouTube requesting Samashka. Your hair will stand on ends from what you will see, but unfortunately it’s true. Genocide of Chechens was mad. They were massacres by whole villages.

It is after one of such “cleansing” Shamil Balaev made his infamous raid on Budyonovsk. He has simply shown to Russians what their army does in Chechnya.

Russian human rights activists who write the truth about the war crimes of the Russian army are killed. Recent high-profile murders are killings of Anna Politkovskaya and Natalia Estemirova. These are very well-known people, not only in Russia but also abroad. They were killed with demonstrative brutality so there would be no doubt what they were killed for. Putin gave an ambiguous comment about both murders, so that everyone understood that he was not against the killing of these women himself.

Another danger that awaits people under Russian occupation are death squads. These squads make Russian occupiers scarier than the Nazis. The Germans had nothing like this but the Russians practice it in all the occupied territories. When they were leaving Chechen villages, whole mass graves were found after them.

Death squads in the occupied territories appear immediately after the entry of Russian troops. Initially, disloyal to the occupiers people disappear, ten potentially disloyal, and then those who came under denunciation or who looked askance at the occupier, to put it simply everyone.

In order to avoid hell called “Russian world” one needs to fight and help the Ukrainian army and Ukrainian resistance. Life under Russian occupation is walking through a minefield.

One of the aims of endless celebration of Russia’s victory over fascism is to hide their own war crimes. The brutal truth is that the Soviet (read Russian) army committed ​​a lot more war crimes than the Germans during the World War II.

The German army has never participated in punitive operations. Also, the German army was not involved in the genocide of the Jews. It was done by special unit of the Nazis. The Russian army killed two million German women in 1945. And that’s just within 3 months of occupation. Germans have never committed such atrocities in the occupied territories.

Fascism is definitely a terrible evil and unequivocally criminal. But the Nazis did not rape and murder Russian women and children. The myth about the brutal German army was diligently maintained by the ideologues of Russism to cover up the crimes of the Russian military.

Many naive people are waiting the arrival of Russia and Russian troops. If this happens, a big disappointment is awaiting of them. They think that Russians will give them a good life, pensions and salaries.

In fact, Russia is behaving like a bull in a china shop. It sees a territory which can be captured, breaks in there, puts there the Russian flag and … forgets about it.

Russians are only able to occupy. They cannot create or build something; they just do not have interest in this. Creation is not peculiar to the Russian character. From creation they start moping and become bored. Russians need a kick. They get a good kick out of only vodka and a war.

So if you love Russia, nesting dolls and the balalaika, my good advice to you – love it all from a distance. All the famous Russians preferred to love it from the non-Russian St. Petersburg and even more non-Russian Paris. It is much safer that way.

Source: Inforesist

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